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From our grass to your grill!


Drs. Bryce and Tami Chaffee have lived and practiced Chiropractic in Wayne County, Ohio for 22 years. Their love for Chiropractic and healthy living has driven their passion to help people sustain, enjoy a healthy, and energetic lifestyle.  Dr. Chaffee was raised in western New York where he worked for many years on his grandfather's dairy farm. His family also enjoyed fresh milk and home grown beef on a regular basis as a large part of their diet. Carrying the "natural food" thought forward has also been incorporated into the practice with his patients.  He lectures often on health and nutrition at his clinic and other various events. The main thrust for raising Texas Longhorn cattle came from their incredible ability to thrive, and resist disease compared to other breeds (read the whole story under "Longhorn History" ).  But, of utmost importance is that this breed of cattle was exceptionally high in omega-3 fats. Omega-3 fats are critical for building healthy brain cells, neurotransmitters, hormones, and heart health.   Dr. Chaffee also wanted to raise cattle that were soy-free. Research has shown that soy has estrogen-like compounds that can promote male sterility and thyroid issues in children.  The researchers have also concluded that soy can stimulate cancer, especially breast cancer which is the number one cancer killer of women. In fact, several years ago, the Israeli Health Ministry (their form of Health Dept.), encouraged Jewish mothers NOT to give their babies soy formula only as a last resort.  See British Medical Journal on July 30, 2005 for the published research article.  

Another important aspect is the digestive tract health of the animal. Much like humans, if the gut of the longhorn are not healthy, then their body as a whole will be more sickly and diseased. The Chaffee's have incorporated a high grade of Acidophilus (probiotics) into the cattles regular diet as well.  Like humans, acidophilus helps keep the cattle's intestinal tract clean, builds antibodies and gives the best opportunity to absorb all nutrients.  The Acidophilus also helps guard the cattles gut against bacteria and disease that can bring down the quality of their meat as well difficulty absorbing minerals and trace minerals.  This is a VERY essential part of developing high quality beef full of nutrients and protein. The main diet of the Chaffee's  Texas Longhorn consist of natural grass in the spring, summer, and fall.  In the winter months, the cattle are feed mainly baleage with molasses and Acidophilus.  Why baleage? Baleage is high moisture grass that is cut and sealed tight with a wrap which creates an environment to grow anaerobic bacteria which produces lactic acid.  The lactic acid stops the growth of harmful disease-causing bacteria.  This fermentation process increases the health value of the grass and is much healthier for the Longhorn' s gut.  These are just a  few of the reasons Dr. Chaffee chose to raise these cattle as "clean" as possible! They hope you enjoy the best tasting beef in America- Texas Longhorn!